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2010-2011 AHEPA Capital District #3
Initiative “Church & Community” completes

2009-2010 Capital District #3 Initiative
THE Hellenic Example leads THE Hellenic Experience

The GOTO (Good of the Order) Program – 2008-2009

The WE Initiative -2007-2008


We Go To THE Church and Community


Brothers, Sisters, and Friends of the AHEPA Family,It was certainly an honor and a privilege in one of the largest Districts of the Order of AHEPA as the 2009-10 & 2010-11 District 3 Governor to be afforded the opportunity to lead & implement such AHEPA District #3 initiatives: “THE Hellenic Example Leading THE Hellenic Example” (2009-10) and “Church & Community” (2010-11) Initiative.Each campaign helped bridge all goals from the past and created a new and innovative synergy among the Brotherhood of Chapters in our District to grow shared AHEPA success !!! At the past Supreme Convention, it was also a compliment from the many Brothers beyond that chose to utilize our initiatives as a template to also further continued success in their own Districts. We are so proud of these accomplishments and of those of the Lodge, the District, and the Order that supported it !!! It truly strengthened our combined AHEPA missionBROTHERHOOD IN HELLENISM Steve G. Mavronis, PDG, Order of AHEPA
Past 2009-10 / 2010-11 District 3 Governor




THE “GOTO” Program

‘Good of the Order’

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AHEPA  Handbook


An AHEPA Handbook is being provided to all the chapters for downloading and printing-out for distribution to new members.
Note:   For your convenience, please substitute your Chapter information where provided throughout this Handbook (In RED Lettering)

Download. . . . . .

AHEPA Constitution

Download. . . . . .

District By-Laws

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Sample Chapter By-Laws




Recipes for Success

This year, under the direction of District Governor Pete Chambers, the District #3 Officers have been given the task of providing the District with the tools that are necessary to access the information available to help our District be more successful in all of our endeavors.

Basically, the idea is to improve communications between the District Officers and the Chapters of the District. The result therefore is to learn from what others have previously tried and have been successful. By sharing ideas, we may be more knowledgeable, efficient and successful in accomplishing the tasks at hand.

To achieve this, Dist. Gov. Pete Chambers has instituted the “We Initiative.” Bro Pete is assembling binders to be distributed to each Chapter. These are aptly named “Recipes for Success”, the purpose of which is to provide information on how to perform various functions and projects.

This will help eliminate waste of time and effort in “re-inventing the wheel” whenever a project is initiated.


The subjects are listed below:

District 3 Lodge Officers (Word file)

Hosting a District Convention (Adobe PDF file)

Implementing an AHEPA Project (AHEPAcademy) (Word file)

Disaster Response Plan (Word file)

Parade Guidelines(.wmv Streaming video)

Trio-Gram Web Site Presentation (.wmv Streaming Video)



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