October 2016 TrioGram – Article Deadline

Just a reminder to submit your articles and photos for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2016 Issue of the Trio-Gram. The article submission deadline for the Fall/Winter-2016 Trio-Gram Issue is: October 31, 2016.

Please email me, evan1762@yahoo.com, your submissions as soon as you have completed your articles. Below are some content ideas for your articles (not all my ideas):

1. Updates about Your Chapter and Report on your outcomes: What has your chapter been up to? Numbers impress so use them to tell a story about the success of your latest chapter event, the people helped by your latest fundraiser or project. Have you reached a goal, hosted an event, expanded your membership? Include all the exciting details: the location, the delicious food, the fun and fellowship – whatever has made your chapter’s past events successful. Share your obstacles and your success stories, but keep your readers in mind. Members (active, delinquent or new) might want to hear about further opportunities to get involved. Focus on the most engaging parts of your story and provide links to your website for your newsletter members who want to find out more.

2. Stories of Impact: Keep the readers interested in and impressed by your chapter’s work with recent stories of impact. Compose your chapter’s most recent successes into stories that will inspire the readers. Take a step back and try to reread them from an outside perspective. Ask yourself, do I care about the people and organization in this story? Do I connect with them emotionally?

3. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures: You may want to stay away from the lengthy articles and use instead descriptive pictures which can tell your story faster. Most people just don’t read all the content, so concentrate on headlines and picture captions. Use pictures with big faces and use captions that tell a compelling story of your results. I am trying to use large and more pictures with captions within the Trio-Gram. When you email pictures, please email them in their original resolution…bigger is better.

4. Relevant Community Events: Your article doesn’t have to be all about you. You are no doubt a part of a strong and supportive community, and the Trio-Gram is a great medium to reciprocate that goodwill. Showing your support for local events is a great way to demonstrate your chapter’s involvement in the community, not to mention helping to spread awareness for your chapter’s cause and mission.

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