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City  AHEPA Chapter Websites Founded Latest Info
Washington, DC Washington Ch. 31 3-Dec-23 2009-10
Annapolis, MD Annapolis Ch.  286  27-Sep-31 2009-10
Baltimore, MD Worthington Ch. 30 5-Oct-23 2009-10
Baltimore, MD Lord Baltimore Ch. 364  28-Dec-49 CURRENT
Cumberland, MD Ch. 301 (inactive) 9-Dec-34 none
Darlington, MD Susquehanna Ch. 535 16-Oct-09 2010
Fredrick, MD Nelef’s Ch. 516 4-May-92 2007-08
Ocean City, MD Ocean City Ch. 511  14-Jan-89 2007-08
Rockville, MD Kolokotronis Ch. 436  (inactive) 12-Feb-69 2006-07
Silver Spring, MD Capital Ch. 236  29-Apr-29 2007-08
Silver Spring, MD James C. Magin Ch. 383  17-Jun-50 2016-17
Westminster, MD Blue Ridge Ch. 193 (inactive) 3-Sep-28 none
Asheville, NC Land of the Sky Ch. 28  21-Aug-23 2007-08
Charlotte, NC Marathon Ch. 2  11-Sep-22 2016-17
Durham, NC Durham Ch. 277 13-May-31 2009-10
Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville Ch. 9 16-May-23 2016-17
Greensboro, NC Greensboro Ch. 257  23-Apr-30 2007-08
Highpoint, NC Ch. 368  (inactive) 5-Feb-50 none
Raleigh, NC Sir Walter Raleigh Ch. 10  11-Jan-23 2009-10
Wilmington, NC Cape Fear Ch. 408 14-Dec-61 2009-10
Wilson, NC Wilson Ch. 11 (inactive) 1923 none
Winston Salem, NC Winston Salem Ch. 32 (no info) 9-Oct-23 none
Alexandria, VA Mount Vernon Ch. 370  13-Feb-50 2006-07
Charlottesville, VA Monticello Ch. 448  6-Mar-73 2006-07
Danville, VA Ch. 297 (inactive) 15-Apr-34 none
Falls Church, VA Peter N. Derzis Ch. 438  4-May-69 2009-10
Fredericksburg, VA Mary Washington Ch. 290 4-Jun-33 2006-07
Hopewell, VA Steve Kolidakis Ch. 155 4-Jan-28 2007-08
Lynchburg, VA Ch. 134 (inactive) 14-Feb-27 none
Newport News, VA Woodrow Wilson Ch. 241 24-Aug-29 2009-10
Norfolk, VA Robert E. Lee Ch. 122 2-Nov-26 2007-08
Richmond, VA Richmond Ch. 83 20-Dec-25 2006-07
Roanoke, VA Roanoke Ch. 137 26-Mar-27 2006-07
Sterling, VA ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Ch.542 30-Dec-13 2016-17
Williamsburg, VA Colonial Ch. 427 24-Oct-64 2009-10
Bluefield, WV Ch. 132 (inactive) 16-Feb-27 none
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