Daughters of Penelope
Capital District #3
Women's Affiliate to the Order of AHEPA

Who We Are

The Daughters of Penelope is an affiliate of AHEPA and a member of the AHEPA family,
an organization that supports the ideals of Hellenism. We are part of the 3rd District of the Order. Today, the Daughters of Penelope is a leader in philanthropic, educational and cultural activities with local chapters in the United States, Canada and Greece. We welcome you to visit this site and view all the information herein!



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DOP Chapter Web sites:

City, State    


Washington, DC  


Baltimore, MD  
Silver Spring, MD

Asheville, NC  
Charlotte, NC  
Greensboro, NC  
Winston-Salem, NC  

Wilmington, NC  


Charlottesville, VA  

Falls Church, VA  

Hopewell, VA  
Newport News, VA  
Norfolk, VA  
Richmond, VA



  Hermione Ch.11         


  Alcmene Ch. 27   

  Arion Ch. 298  


  Kirki Ch. 313   

  Venus Ch. 102 

  Ktimene Ch. 70  

  Vest Ch. 237      

  Ch. 353 (inactive)


  Harmonia Ch. 366    

  Helle Ch. 283           

  Agave Ch. 224        

  Charis Eleni Ch. 337

  Princess Ann Ch. 284

  Antiklea Ch. 68   




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